The Search Engine Optimization Directory features on topic, relevant resources. Directory listings can bring traffic and improve site authority. List your SEO related site now! CM SEO Directory.

CM SEO was created back in 2001 as a repository of search engine optimization techniques and services along with a managed SEO Directory. The SEO Directory is still actively managed, providing a directory of companies that specialize in search engine optimization, marketing, and optimized website development. The directory was recently converted to WordPress. The owner of this site is retired from SEO but does still do volunteer work for local nonprofit businesses, assisting them with their web presence.

Included in the SEO Directory are listings of search engine optimization companies categorized by U.S. State or Country. Also included are listings of SEO news and forum sites along with SEO tools.

The blog has some SEO articles written during the early days of search engine optimization. Some more current topics will be added soon.