Most of the SEO consulting and website support was done by CM in the 2006 – 2012 timeframe. I am proud that many of the companies I helped have grown and been bought out by larger enterprises. The websites have been enhanced many times since I provided assistance. My portfolio once included Luseaux Laboratories, Encode… Continue reading Portfolio

Good Google Listing

Getting A Good Google Listing This content was originally developed about 2004 and updated a few times. Amazingly, most of the information is still applicable. Yes, it is a lot harder to obtain good rankings in Google or Bing in 2021. The search engine results pages are dominated with ad’s and major companies like amazon.… Continue reading Good Google Listing

Search Engine Terms

CM SEO was created in 2001. We developed content, provided an SEO Directory, and offered SEO services. The Search Engine Terms page was created in 2004 and was copied all over the Internet. Here it is, a little historical perspective of the industry. Adwords – This is the Pay Per Click advertising program offered by Google.… Continue reading Search Engine Terms