Most of the SEO consulting and website support was done by CM in the 2006 – 2012 timeframe. I am proud that many of the companies I helped have grown and been bought out by larger enterprises. The websites have been enhanced many times since I provided assistance. My portfolio once included Luseaux Laboratories, Encode Inc., Datapath Inc., International Radiation Detectors, along with several small businesses.

Now my portfolio is quite small. I list the nonprofits that I still work with and my own personal sites.

  • cmseo.com – This site, recently updated to WordPress. Still actively managing the SEO Directory.
  • cathym.com – A personal site, showing off my underwater photography. Since my husband retired from diving and I may do so as well, I have been spending more time gardening. ANd of course, COVID has made it impossible to travel. I will be doing some updates to the site with a new focus. This site utilizes WordPress and the thesis theme.
  • southbaygifts.com – this site was originally in Microsoft Frontpage and is now edited with Expression Web. It will be my next WordPress upgrade project.
  • tlmow.org – Torrance-Lomita Meals on Wheels – converted several years ago to WordPress. It is due for an update to remove the sidebar and enhance the top menu. This will increase the mobile friendliness of the site. It is currently using the Thesis them.
  • pryc.us – Port Royal Yacht Club – converted in 2019 to WordPress using the twenty-nineteen theme.

I am not looking for new projects. Just listing my current endeavors here. It’s enough for a retired person!

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