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  • Visibility and Traffic from Visitors to the Directory
  • In bound, on topic links from a site with Existing Google Page Rank
  • For New Sites, a Quick Way to get the Search Engines to "Find" Your Site
  • Recognition as an authority site on Search Engine Optimization and related technologies.

Note: We accept on topic, clean sites. We do not accept adult sites. All sites must be relevant to search engine optimization, marketing, website development, or computer technology. Our editor's decision on site listings is final and your submission of a site means that you agree to these terms.

We have suspended free and reciprocal submissions due to the incredible amount of spam submitted.

We encourage you to consider express inclusion for on topic, one way links from an authoritative directory.

After making payment, please click on Return to Merchant so that you will be directed to the site submission form.

Express Inclusion is $35:

Please remember, only appropriate sites will be listed. We do not accept off topic sites.

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